Eva Deckers

Designing for perceptive qualities in systems of interactive products is the three-year doctoral work of Eva Deckers. After her secondary education she studied Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. She received her Master diploma Cum Laude in 2009. As part of the bachelor course she studied at RMIT University Melbourne, Australia. During her master education she was an intern at A1-productdesign in Cologne. After a half-a-year around the world trip, she continued her final-master project, on designing for perceptive qualities in products, in a doctoral project. The work presented on this website and in the dissertation is the result of the doctoral work on 'How to design for perceptive qualities in systems of interactive products?'. During this three-year project, she worked with international flooring company DESSO to investigate the added value for design practice of the more theoretical findings of her research. Her work was shown at several exhibitions, and she was a finalist in the Nokia Ubimedia Design Awards. She strongly connected design-research and design-education, and is an experienced lecturer and coach. Since 2010, she is the chair of the Industrial Design alumni association IDEa. Together with the other members of the committee, she set up the association and IDEa became an official foundation in 2012.

Eva Deckers

The three year design-research project was carried out in the Designing Quality in Interaction group, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. The team exists out of dr.ir. Pierre Levy (daily supervisor), dr.ir. Stephan Wensveen (co-promotor), dr.ir. Rene Ahn (expert), Prof.dr.ir. Caroline Hummels (first promoter), Prof.dr.ir. Loe Feijs (second promoter). The project was initiated and guided by the late professor Kees Overbeeke.

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